Welcome to is geared toward new legal nurse consultants (LNCs). Legal Nurse Consultants who have just taken an LNC course want two things: their first client (or first job in the legal field) and their first case. This site will help new LNCs with those goals but it will also provide them with some foundation LNC skills that they probably weren't taught in their course.

All of the content on the site is FREE. There is nothing to purchase and no membership to join. Browse the menu at the top to find information about legal nurse consultant career skills such as locating an LNC job, crafting a resume or CV specific to the field, networking and interviewing. You can also learn LNC skills such as creating medical chronologies and summaries, organizing medical records and drafting other reports with links to videos and sample reports. In addition, there is a section describing the different roles of the legal nurse consultant.

The creator of this site is Katy Jones, Legal Nurse Consultant. This site is a compilation of tips, tools, and timesavers about various LNC topics that Katy has provided to students and new orientees. The "how-to's" that she provides are one way to approach LNC procedures, but certainly not the only way. The tips are meant to ease LNCs in their transition as new LNCs and provide them with information that they might not get in an LNC course. The information on this website was developed by Katy Jones and the opinions expressed here are entirely her own, not those of her employers or any group or organization. All names of patients, staff, and organizations used in the samples and videos are fictitious, and details about cases have been altered to protect the confidentiality of the parties.  Although all the samples and videos are free to view and download, they are copyrighted and cannot be used without the permission of the creator of this site. Complete Bio.

About the Logo

The logo displays a tool that legal nurse consultants use when they review medical records to note important content - a yellow highlighter. Why yellow instead of another color? When highlighted records are copied, yellow highlighting doesn't show on the copies while other highlighter colors do.

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